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Student's Name Professor's Name Couse Date The Different Types of College Students College students are categorized into different types. Although many share common characteristics, it is important to note that there are different kinds of students in the colleges. The college students can be categorized based on their behavior, appearance, school of thought, courses among others. The common types of college students in our institutions include the jocks, the nerds and the normal students (Wlodkowski, Raymond, and Margery 24). These three types of college students are discussed widely below. The Jocks The jocks are college students who are never serious in their class works. These are students who put off their homework assignments until the last minute and are usually done rashly. Jocks often move in groups who care less about the class work. Jocks are also known as the lowly students because jocks spend a considerable part of their time doing other things very different from class work. Their seriousness in class is often minimal. Jocks perform lowly in-class work due to less gravity employed on class work (Wlodkowski, Raymond, and Margery 27). Also, jocks have specific characteristics that put them in this category. Most are the show- off type of students who are trendy in the current fashion, music and also game maniacs. Most of their time is wasted in checking on the latest trends in music and fashion and even wear trendy clothing which associates themselves with the current celebrities in the music and the film industry. Such clothing can be torn jeans and shirts, sneakers and micro mini skirts (Wlodkowski, Raymond, and Margery 27). Moreover, the jocks are also party maniacs in college and spend a considerable amount of time in partying, going out and having fun with their accomplices. Most of their parties are held over the days and the weekends. These parties organized by the jocks are usually a...
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