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Free PIM Practices of School Teachers Dissertation Example

PIM Practices of School Teachers Student’s Name Institution Course Date Personal Information Management Practices (Diekema, A., & Olsen, M. (2014), These are activities teachers undertake to acquire, organizing, maintaining retrieving and utilizing own information materials like documents on papers and those accessed online to accomplish a variety of duties as school teachers. Actually, according to Anne and Whitney in their article on personal information management, it is a concern about all activities aimed at managing personal information. Just apart from the three key elements of PIM of finding, re-finding, keeping information and managing it, it also has something to do with the interpretation of the entire information (Olsen, 2011). Teachers manage a variety of information for various reasons under various contexts of work. Such information may include, staff and pupils’ names, dates of birth, school marks, addresses, exam results and medical data. This is considered as the most essential activity in the life of primary and secondary school (K-12) education because it is the basis of their formal learning as a preparation for adulthood (Diekema, A., & Olsen, M. (2014). PIM practices are vital in learning system as discussed below. Importance of Teacher PIM Practices (Mizrachi, D., & Bates, M. (2013), (Diekema, A. & Olsen, M. (2012). Personal information management practices are not only focused on organizing and managing information but also helps in extracting data which had been used before and abandoned for re-use(Mizrachi & Bates, 2013). Therefore, through personal information management, teachers locate these documents by just recalling the key name of such material or a particular topic and may locate the very folder through search by alphabet. The practice of good personal information management by teachers in schools benefits a lot of individuals in the whole system including the school heads, librarians, dev...
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