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Free Asian American Leadership in the US Dissertation Example

Asian American Leadership in the US Student’s name Institution affiliation Date The population of Asian American’s is rapidly growing in the United States, and most of the Asian Americans are settling well in the unfamiliar country. The Asian American’s have an excellent educational background, and some of them acquire top leadership positions in big companies in the United States. The key to their leadership success is their ability to follow specific models of leadership. Cultural acumen: Cultural acumen involves the similarities and the differences in the Asian culture and the Western Culture. The Asian leaders have to compare their culture and the Western culture and find out if the difference in ideologies of both cultures can affect the management of the company. For example, the Asian culture is against confrontation of employees as it is disrespectful. The western culture welcomes the idea of confrontation between the manager and the employees as it allows some bonding time between the management and the subordinates (Daniels and Greguras, 2014). The Asian leaders are now forced to let go of some of their cultures and adopt the Western culture to improve their leadership skills in the Western World. Communication: Communication involves how the Asian American leaders express themselves to the American workers and how they comprehend the communication of the workers (Chung-Herrera and Lankau, 2005). The first part of communication deals with vocabulary or in this case good command of English because most Asian Americans are less articulate and they have poor listening skills (Chung-Herrera and Lankau, 2005). Almost half of the Asian American leaders have communicatio...
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