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Name Course College Date Barbarism and Civilization For years, humans have consistently struggled to make themselves better than animals. After over seven million years of struggle, trying to mature from being animals to noble people in the society, still, man continues to fall, walk and behave like the remote humanoid ancestors. Theodore Dalrymple narrates how much he finds the world and Western countries disappointing and unashamed to claim to be civilized, yet they support and fuel all barbaric activities. He argues how much England has developed an underclass culture with a foundation of indolence, ignorance, and violence. Dalrymple uses examples in his life as he travels around the world as a reporter, physician, and activities to prove that after centuries since civilization became part of man, there still exists a struggle between barbarism and civilization as the later consistently threaten to revert man to be a barbaric and brutal man. In his article What We Have to Lose claims that human beings in the society, viewed by many to be more enlightened that years of world war and centuries before, still are yet to step out of the jaws of barbarism completely. It is common to find people, who have a long history of being civilized transforming into barbarism within seconds. I agree with Dalrymple when he states that the government of the western countries are on the forefront of brutally destroying the civilization that exists among men and is consistently claiming not to be part of it. Man, on the other hand, is continuously at brutal war for equality to lower the rich, that is the government for freedom. Indeed barbarism is still present within us and always in battle with civilization as observed among intellectuals and leaders and the rest of the society. In his journey around the world, Dalrymple discovered the extent at which barbarism still exist among civilized men planted and water by the intellects. According to The Genealogy of Morals by F...
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