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Bilingual Language and Social Interaction Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Bilingual Language and Social Interaction The socialization in the society is influenced by the state of language children adopt as they develop based on their environment. In the article by Kovelman, Baker & Petitto’s (2008) aim to find out how the age a child who is exposed to a bilingual language affects their learning of both languages and interaction. With today’s ever-diverse world, it is essential for children to learn new languages so that they can appropriately interact with others at school, and later in the society and at the workplace. The article employs the use of random sampling techniques to obtain the participants. The participants in this study were from bilingual and monolingual homes picked randomly and interviewed based on their language adaptation. In some of the bilingual dwellings, the participants spoke Spanish and learned English in class. However, in other bilingual homes, the participants expressed English but learned Spanish at school. This method was effective as it allowed the author to obtained unbiased information in cases the participant were selected through a selective process. The approach by which the authors used to collect information was effective in allowing the participant to engage without prejudice or fear of engagement. The article is unique in creating anticipation among readers in its analysis as a way to help understand the purpose of the article. The results of the study show that exposing children to a bilingual language earlier makes them better readers and more competent in the languages than children who learn a new language later. The authors conclude that when a child learns a new language between zero and three years of age, he/she becomes more competent in that language than one who learns a new language between the age of three and six years. These results are valid for both children who speak Spanish at h...
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