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Biotech health products Name Institution affiliation Introduction The management part of an organization happens to be the most crucial as it is the place where decision-making originates. This integral part is the primary role as without decisions, plans, and strategies, the company would not know which direction to head. Scholars define decision making as the process of setting a course of action for a particular event. According to Rhodes (2011, p.1) ‘for organizations to proceed in the right way, they have to understand that structure follows strategy.’ They have to establish the problem, harness information, weigh options, settle for the best option, and execute the plan. This way, they would have come up with a perfect managerial strategy to accomplish the set goals. To accomplish this however, the management aligns itself along the lines of planning, organizing, controlling and controlling. Every single aspect of management fits into these tenets hence their crucial role. However, each works independently, they work to complement each other thus ensuring the attainment of the set goals. Biotech Health Products is one classic example of one such company, which excelled excellently owing to a perfect management team and strategies. Having started 3 decades ago, the company prides in a reputable record of accomplishment because of its strategy-driven managers and the CEO. Being a family-based company focused on the production of natural, biotechnological products like natural implants, cosmetics, and medicine, the company recently qualified as a fortune 500 company with a value of $ 35 billion and an 80 percent market share. It has operations in the US, Canada, Europe, The Caribbean, and the Asian Pacific, all which work towards achieving innovation and adaptability. To become a triple bottom line company, it strives to ‘introduce more collaborative decision making as well as bring the divisions closer together in the area of shared resources and...
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