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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder due to a child’s brain injury when it is being developed. Some of the worst effects of cerebral palsy include poor muscle coordination and body movement (Gollard). Cerebral palsy involves the motor function of the brain severely impaired. It is a brain disease that leads to the injury of the brain causing paralysis. Some of the causes of cerebral palsy are an injury to the brain and traumatic conditions. Children facing cerebral palsy have difficulties in speaking and thinking. The treatments of people with cerebral palsy include medications, surgery, and physical therapy. However, most treatment of the children depends on the child being treated. There is no uniform treatment for the children and it depends on the individual (Gollard). Solving the issues revolving the physical disabilities of the children is one aspect of the treatment. Also, a child may be treated by solving the issues affecting his/her emotional life. Equally, physical therapy is a significant way of treating the children having cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a neurodevelopment disease that is caused by various issues such as genetic movement, trauma, and brain injury. It is classified by the type of muscle movements due to brain injury. It may be due to hypertonia and spatic issues (Gollard). Spatic cases are characterized by stiff muscles in the brain cells. On the other hand, hypertonia is an abnormal increase in muscle activity around the brain. Some of the symptoms of cerebral palsy include eating and sleeping disorders. Others include learning disabilities, speaking issues, tight muscles, abnormal posture, and stiff joints. For example, it is common to find children who have speech difficulties in the community due to cerebral palsy. The people who can treat cerebral palsy include physical therapists, neurology specialists, rehabilitation therapists, occupational the...
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