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Benefits of Targeting Childhood Obesity Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Good health is an important aspect in the development of any child across the world. However, there are various issues which make it impossible for many children to have a healthy life. The main purpose of this work is to analyze the various benefits which can be attained by people through focusing on the issues which touch on the obesity of children to act as a stepping stone, towards the prevention of the obesity and overweight problems in the US and the world in general. To complete the study, qualitative and quantitative methods of research shall be used, which are essential for the provision of the required information to enable the accomplishment of the study. Data shall be obtained by analyzing the various online materials, journals, books and even conducting studies to various study cases which have been established concerning the childhood obesity cases across the world. Finally, the relevance of addressing the challenge of obesity to realize better health status shall be established. Benefits of Targeting Childhood Obesity Obesity has remained a big problem to a majority of the people across the world. Many people have had to live difficult lives due to the issue of being overweight, and being unable to do many things for themselves, without the help of other people. The main issue which is to be focused in this text and one that has many people raise questions about are the benefits that people can get from ensuring that the issue of obesity is addressed early enough in the life of a child. There has been an increase in some children in the US, who are either obese or at the risk of being overweight. There is the need for the society, and the government to come together in ensuring that they fight the issue of obesity among the children for a better tomorrow. However, the major challenge has always remained for the children who become obese at a very tender...
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