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Classroom Vignettes This paper will analyze the two classroom vignettes and address whether the classroom management strategies were applied efficiently. In the first vignette, Mr. Fowler is not addressing his student’s self-awareness. Although the teacher lets Sasha post her drawings in the classroom after completing her assignments, this is not enough. The teacher just does a small favor to an F-grade student, while he should rather focus on helping the girl recognize her achievements and gradually lead her to completion of assignments without the supervision. Mr. Fowler should encourage Sasha to meet small challenges offered in the classroom and recognize her success of turning in the assignments. This should help the student move on and improve her performance. Mr. Fowler is promoting Sasha’s self-management because he is directing her to stay on task and encouraging to complete the assignment. However, the teacher could encourage his student to exercise self-management more efficiently by stimulating Sasha’s cognitive activity, self-instruction, self-monitoring, self-assessment, and self-reinforcement by assigning her with a task and asking her to analyze her progress and evaluate the results. Mr. Fowler has not been demonstrating the promotion of Sasha’s self-efficacy as vignette 1 does not display the teacher’s strong belief that the student is able to execute the assignment. The professor only emails her parents each time she fails to turn in an assignment, however, he does not motivate Sasha to get engaged into work other than letting her post her drawings. The student still needs to understand the possibilities of her capabilities and start approaching more challenging tasks. Mr. Fowler does not strongly stimulate Sasha to raise her self-esteem as the consequences of Sasha’s low self-esteem and unwillingness to learn are portrayed in vignette 1. Sasha has demonstrated lower than average cognitive abilities in most of the subjects and lea...
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