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Construction Management Name University Affiliation Date Compare the plumbing systems of an elementary school to those of sports arena. How is the relative cost for each system affected by building use occupancy? The preferred plumbing systems in both elementary schools and sports arena have waterless urinals which help in improving water efficiency. These two are public institutions hence water consumption rate is high. Water efficiency in these public areas is efficient as it promotes cost-effectiveness on the municipal council which treats sewage. Also, the systems help prevent blockage and improve hygiene. Also all the plumbing systems I elementary schools and sports arena must ensure they are usable to all people including persons with disabilities. For instance, the restrooms should not restrict the usability of the disabled. However, unlike in the sports arena, elementary schools require more facilities. For example, as Wujek & Dagostino (2009) highlights, for every 75 boys, there should be one urinal and one toilet for every 25 girls. The institutions must adhere to all the building requirements especially considering that they are public facilities. Consequently, both elementary schools and sports arena require more money to construct that the residential buildings. What other control, maintenance, and sustainability systems can be used to maximize efficiency in a commercial building? The building code highlights the minimum number of fixtures that should be used while designing the plumbing systems of any building whether commercial or residential. Commercial building consumes a lot of water hence requires systems that ensure efficiency which needs improving plumbing fixtures and replacements as well as the implementation of the modern technologies. First, plumbing fixtures are replaceable with highly efficient ones which go beyond the IPC and UPC requirements (Wujek & Dagostino, 2009). For instance, builders should consider using ultra-l...
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