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Designing a Classroom Management Plan Student Institution Date Philosophical Statement and Classroom Management Theory The philosophical statement that supports the learning is that classroom should be the source of all basic needs of students. There should be love, a sense of belonging, freedom, and fun that is shared by all the learners. A student spends more time at school than at home, which necessitates the classrooms to offer better environment than home. If a student is to have a positive feeling about learning and school in general, it should satisfy all the needs of the children. For the schools to attain such level of comfort for the learners, the teachers should ensure the learning environment are physically and emotionally safe for the learners. The philosophy of my classroom is in line with the Choice Theory postulated by William Glasser. William notes all the behavior are chosen, and learner follows genetics to meet their basic needs. According to Glasser, the five basic needs are love and belonging, survival, fun, freedom and power (Tauber & Dawsonera, 2007). Among the five needs, love and belonging is the essential factor as one requires to connect with others to achieve the other needs. Hence, William argued a classroom should satisfy the needs of the students. The Choice Theory notes the teacher is the manager and should guide the students into obedience and hard work. Besides, the teacher should cultivate a strong teacher-student relationship to foster a need-satisfying learning environment. Classroom Expectations and Rules Supported by Evidence-Based Strategies Some of the classroom expectations include preparedness to learn, timely completion of assignments, positive influence to other and participation among other things that promote student performance. All the classroom expectations are founded on the evidence-based strategies that support effective learning. For instance, setting clear goals on content, coverage, and lessons i...
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