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Dream job Course title Instructor Name Institution Date Dream job Quiz 1 Job title: Secretary Department: Accounting and finance Reports to: Organization manager and stakeholders Critical role: Managing database, filing, organizing and facilitating meetings. Minimum qualifications BSC in business management Expertise in Microsoft Office, MS Word and ExcelPossess exceptional skills in business ethics, accounting, supervision, and communication. Special characteristics Personal attributes- hard working reliable, adaptable and social. Skills- skills and relevant leadership skills. Description of duty The secretary's primary role is to keep a record of all operations in the organizations, to oversee the welfare of the stakeholders, to organize and to facilitate all meetings (Barrett, 2015). Working conditions Since it's a big organization, the secretary needs to be flexible and diligent and to be in a position to work for over 40 hours in a week. Quiz 2 A secretary in any organizations plays a vital role in ensuring there is efficient communication between the internal and external environment of the organization. Apart from the basic pay, a secretary qualifies to get perquisites for any extra work done within or beyond the working hours. Direct remuneration This is a direct pay and acts as compensation for a specified period probably after every month. This pay incorporates: base installment which varies depending on an organization Also, it includes the extra hours the secretary has worked beyond the stipulated hours. Backhanded remuneration It's a prerequisite which honors any surpassed desires or target set by the organization. Incentives such as investment opportunity, profit sharing, bonuses, and commission are included. Also conceded pay such as an annuity, sparing arrangement and stock buying is incorporated. The secretary can also be awarded an advantage or extra pay, and such benefit includes protection programs and payme...
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