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An outline on Green Nanotechnology Author: Author’s affiliation: Author’s affiliation Department: Department: Address and city: Address and city Email: Email: Green nanotechnology Thesis: The study seeks to explore the applicability of Green Nanotechnology in the field of environmental technology for purposes; such as reducing pollution and creating clean and renewable sources of energy. Additionally, it will also substitute chemical production processes that will, in turn, reduce the rate of toxic industrial waste thus creating more efficient production processes and even a cleaner and friendlier environment in the future. 1. Will start my research by clearing defining what Green Nanotechnology [1]. Green nanotechnology is the utilization of the nanotechnology as a way of enhancing the environmental sustainability of all the processes resulting to negative externalities I will also define it as using of nanotechnology products to prevent environmental pollution. Therefore nanotechnology is a clean technology which is meant to avoid environmental contamination as well as health risks associated with the pollution. 2. Background information on Green Nanotechnology and the Definition of Terms The pioneer of the name Nanotechnology is Erick Drexler. The scientist can go through the chemical engineering concept behind Nanotechnology [1]. The central core of Nanotechnology is the dendrimer. There are two wa...
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