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Student Instructor Course Date Haiti PART 1: THESIS STATEMENT Haiti is considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere, plagued by corruption and natural calamities. Some argue that years of instability, violence and human rights abuse are to blame for the ongoing woes of Haitians (Peace Direct). The current paper critically analyzes corruption as a political issue in Haiti and proposes ways of dealing with the matter. PART 2: OUTLINE OF KEY POINTS Evidence to Critically Analyze Corruption in Haiti. In 2017, Haiti had a corruption perception index (CPI) of 22 placing the country at position 157 out of 180 (Transparency International). This score indicates the pervasiveness of corruption in the country. However, the current Haitian leader, President Jovenel Moïse has vowed to come up with a solution to corruption (Ives). Nevertheless, it will be an uphill task as corruption does not only hamper the progress of a stable government, but also the laws upon which that administration is based on. A comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, and events. Several reports have shown that the Haitian judiciary is marred by graft (The Heritage Foundation). Such an insolvent judicial system will make it especially difficult to achieve any meaningful gains in the fight against corruption. Indeed, it is possible to argue that the dysfunctional and struggling Haitian justice system is to blame for many of the government’s woes. The inadequacy of laws and regulations on the clearing of customs has presented a breeding ground for graft. Rampant corruption in customs also adversely impacts both economic and government growth. With the flawed justice system, customs officials can demand bribes in order to clear shipments, leading to delays and possible price hikes. Additionally, bent custom officials are more likely to allow smuggling of contraband or drugs. Works Cited Ives, Kim. "A Year Of Corruption: Retrospective On 2017 | Haiti Liberte". Haitiliberte....
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