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Name Instructor Course Date Herodotus Herodotus' account of the Persian wars is very reliable and comprehensive. He writes reports of Greco-Persian wars by moving cross Asia and Greece. He listens to all the stories from people about the war in a logical manner, a thing no historian has done before (Marincola 110). Covering all these historical events comprehensively sets standards for other historians so that by researching, he will create a reliable account of the past activities. In his work, he makes a lot of effort to get the real facts and also analyze and understand the cause of events that is still unknown to many. His work is based on substantial research, traveling the world widely and interviewing thousands of people and going to the extent of comparing two or more versions of activity. Conducting extensive research and observing things on the ground makes his work outstanding and very objective. On giving an account of a Persian war, Herodotus gathers information from several reliable resources, focusing on varying aspects and using different context types to tell the story. Therefore, by analyzing his ancient sources, we can get a comprehensive and reliable account of the Greek- Persian war which makes his narration very reliable (Marincola 110). Herodotus should be regarded as the founding father of the discipline of historiography since he was the first person to gather and logically document events and make an account of them. He compiles all the reports to one main work known as "The Histories." The collected work contains recordings of culture, geographical landscapes of various areas and politics. He solely relies on his observations and interviewing natives to compile the records. The use of primary information makes it possible for Herodotus to account historical details accurately. Therefore, he sets the foundation for history since he is the first person to come up with original western literature (Munson 459). He is encouraged to captur...
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