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Name Professor Course Date Primary Source: “How Children Learn About Race” By Kenneth B. Clark The identified document is a research finding by Clark titled “How children learn about race” in 1950. Ideally, the objective of Clark’s work was to explore the impact of discrimination on the self-image and potential of learning of children with African-American heritage. This objective was fostered by the rise of civil rights movement which aimed at eliminating the existing racial discrimination issues in all facets of the American society (Clark 281). During this period, the black community in the United States had been given the privilege to learn; however, according to the law, the learning processes for the black community needed to take place separately. Some of this learning institution that accommodated blacks only include Bethune-Cookman University which was then “Daytona Educational and Industrial Training School for Negro Girls.” As such, the inequality that emerged from educational segregation was the motivational factor driving Clark’s work. The intended audience of Clark’s work was the court and the entire American society (Clark 281). Regarding biases, Clark had an interest in racial equality, as such his work aimed at supporting the civil right changes that included a society whose children are free from racism tendencies. Although the author tackles the race issue into detail, I might ask the author whether race is a biological reality of a social construct. The historical context surrounding Clark’s work is that of the civil right movement era. The era of civil rights is one of the most significant histories of the American society. During this period, although slavery had been abolished, some of the basic civil rights of the African-Americans in were still curbed in the American society. From a regional perspective, most of the states in the Northern part of America were quick to grant African-Americans some of their civil r...
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