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Organizational communication issues: language barriers Name Institution   Language barriers and remedies Language barriers have to be a challenge for the posterity of most organizations, and it has technically impeded these organizations operations. Understanding the cultural diversity of the potential clients allows for a smooth operation of an organization and in the ultimate, it secures profits and productivity escalates significantly. In curbing challenges related to language, John Hopkins hospital adopted various methodologies that had significant ramifications ( Meuter, Gallois, Segalowitz, Hocking $ Ryder, 2015). The organization through engaging itself in the widening of its workforce, it has diligently overcome the barrier in the process of interacting with the local customers from the community. In employing professional interpreters high costs are incurred it consumes much time, but holistically it covers for employees’ performance and also considers client delivery effectiveness. The recruitment process when re-evaluated and concentration given maximally on those candidates with formal and dominant language within the targeted market in the community then the success of an organization become realistic. Also when John Hopkins hospital used programmes on computer translation the locals and foreign workforce benefited significantly as then communication and understanding were made more comfortable and efficient. Appreciating the local community and overseas workers culture diversity creates a functional relationship between the staff and even with the patients’ as they interact ( Meuter et al., 2015). The local community engaged in the organization's operations creates a better understanding of the community and in turn, provides a gentle and peaceful environment for service. John Hopkins is a multinational organization dealing in health issues and complications. Therefore it attends to a variety of patients of different cultur...
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