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Name Professor Title Date Abstract LinkedIn is a very crucial and helpful career management tool. This paper will focus on my experience of setting up an account and the things that I will need to revisit as time goes by on my profile. LinkedIn is a very powerful networking platform and this will particularly assist me to connect with like-minded people who will assist me start off my career and watch it grow through information gathering. This also gives a way to keep up with trends in a particular area of interest and this all narrows down to the groups. In this case, the paper will mention some of the major groups one should make sure to join even as a beginner and those that will help you connect easily with people. Some benefits that come with such groups are also briefly mentioned. All in all, it was a good as well as an informative experience. LinkedIn Reflection Setting up a LinkedIn personal account was quite an interesting endeavor. LinkedIn, is like a global village of the corporate world and it cuts across all boundaries (Skeels et al. 97). It has a section where you can fill in what you are all about and this is technically what serves as a selling tool to potential employers and is regarded as the resume. On other social media platforms, this would be the personal profile. According to what I uploaded, I will continue updating my academic achievements to make me a stronger brand and thus, attracting interested persons. Also, I will include the ‘job seeking’ on my profile when I am ready to work to hint on employers thus making their jobs easier. LinkedIn comes in handy due to the networking that the platform offers. As they say “your network is your net worth”, a gap between seventy and eighty percent of employees attribute their career success to people they got to know at some point (Skeels et al. 97). For my growth purposes, I will use the groups available on linked in to facilitate my networking. In particular, I joined Caree...
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