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Free Motivation Letter Regional Express Cadet-pilot Dissertation Example

Motivation Letter Your NameYour AddressYour City, State, Zip Code Date Hiring ManagerRegional Express Cadet-pilot program StreetCity, State Zip Dear Hiring Manager, With the consideration of the disclosure of my CV, it is evident that there is no better opportunity to put my skills and qualifications than this one. I find the chance the best possible gauge I can get to step in and deliver while I am entirely focused on being a pride for my country. The Cadet-pilot program presents an ample challenge to consolidate a working history of more than ten years. At the helm of it is an invaluable opportunity to be of service to our defense forces which I find it to be the ultimate purpose of my life. My experience in managing flight information under the capacity of radio communication, satellite operations, online operations and simulator instructor proves solid background to kickstart a new era under the Cadet-pilot program. I am looking forward to a day where my contribution will to help the defense line get access to necessity, execute military missions conveniently and save lives in critical conditions. In the past especially on one scenario in 2014, my quick decision-making abilities has been integral in preventing severe wreckage of planes as a result of a mistake in flight coordination. Besides, I have been able to facilitate the landing of aircrafts in tough scenarios on many occasions. The Cadet-pilot program would hardly be a success without possessing such ability which makes me a suitable fit for the program. Lastly, the understanding of different geographic landscape around the world is a fundamental necessity for this program. Over the years, I have had flights to and from various locations especially undeveloped landing bases. The experience has equally demanded a show of extra commitment, focus, and excellence in decision-making. The cadet-pilot program is my best shot to demonstrate that I can be the best there is in the defenses forces pilots�...
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