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Free New and Improved Rewards at Work Dissertation Example

New and Improved Rewards at Work Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation New and Improved Rewards at Work Determine how innovations in employee benefits can improve the overall competitive compensation strategy of the organization. In the modern day, Human Resource (HR) professionals and administrators experiment with innovative forms of benefits in the workplace in an attempt to bring into line workers’ interests with the organizational goals. The rewards that an organization provides is an essential element in ensuring the organization remains at a competitive advantage through having employees that are dedicated and motivated to give their best in what they do. Additionally as the variations in workforce increases in the modern day, employers must recognize and tackle the diverse needs of their staff to endure, thrive, and compete effectively (Shield et al., 2015). For example, employees today seek to know the innovative benefits that an organization offers before wanting to work with them. In the recruitment proves, new workers ask about the creative rewards to weigh whether or not they can sustain an excellent working environment and personal lives. To sustain good talent and performance, companies have to comply with the varied ways of doing business and rewarding employees (Anderson et al., 2014). Workers have variable needs, and corporations have to motivate them with comprehensive rewards. Thus, they must look for innovative techniques of engaging staff that inspire and support their dedication and enhance performance (Wilton, 2016). The innovations in worker benefits can increase the overall competitive compensation strategy of the company as it attracts and retains good talent.Thus, an absence of innovative benefits may cost a company a good employee. The innovative rewards influence the way staff feels about their work (Wilton, 2016). Therefore, corporations must develop creative benefits for their employees to sustain their competitive advant...
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