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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Peer Assessment This assessment is for student three. The student is always prepared for the topics and discussions. For instance, when coming for discussion sessions, he usually carries well-prepared notes regarding the topic, and this helps him to give very positive and helpful ideas. He conducts very good research towards the topic, and his notes are normally very well detailed. Also, he is a student who always makes efforts to improve the general effectiveness of the group. He likes to work with other students by supporting them and seeking clarity in areas where he does not understand the points. This makes him a great team player who is easy and comfortable to work with. He never criticizes the work of other students. Instead, he seeks clarity from them and tries to help them improve if their contributions are below par. Most importantly, he aims at having the group to improve as a whole. He is a good listener as he is always willing to learn and improve himself on various issues. Before making contributions or other suggestions regarding the work of other students, he takes his time to listen critically to their contributions, seek clarity, and in case they do not get the points right, he helps them through. He completes tasks on time, for example, if given an assignment, the student can utilize the available time effectively such that he will conduct thorough research and have time for corrections if any is required. Although he may procrastinate at times, this does not affect the group’s deadlines. In other words, the group does not have to adjust its deadlines as a result of his procrastination as he will get the tasks done in good time. STUDENT EVALUATED: STUDENT THREE EVALUATION CRITERIA 5 points 10 points 15 points 20 points SCORE/ Comments Contributions/ Quality of Work Rarely provides useful ideas when participating in the group and in classroom discussion. May refuse to participate. Prov...
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