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INTERVIEW QUESTION DATA By Name Course Professor University City/State Date Interview questions Personal questions What is your gender? What is your age class/range? How long have you been a teaching assistant? What is your highest level of education? The support provided by the assistant teacher in the classroom How many assistance teachers are in your area of specialization in this school? In total, how much time do you spend giving assistance per day? Are you comfortable working for these hours? How many teachers require your assistance in a week? Are you comfortable with the number of teachers requiring your help each week? What areas do you offer assistance to the teachers in class (English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Technology or Others (please indicate)? Are you trained in this area of education? Do you require any additional training to offer more effective services? Personal opinions Is your role as an assistant teacher clearly set and free from ambiguity? Does your building principal(s) develop and communicates the teaching strategies for improvement of pupils’ learning process? Is your building principal(s) active in helping you attain the targets of my work? Do you believe teaching assistance is Vital to pupils’ learning process? Do you feel recognized for the results you generate in this school? Does your role as an assistant teacher provide a chance for the growth of your career? Do you face any specific challenges from your building principal? In case of any challenges or difficulties, what steps are taken by your colleagues and your building principal to help solve them? How satisfied are you with the steps mentioned above? Please provide any further comments: ...
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