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PICTORIALISM Student’s Name Course Date Introduction The concept of pictorialism refers to the art movement that prioritizes aesthetics and international style in photography. It is characterized by the lack of the sharp focus entailing numerous colors and evidence of manipulation such as brush strokes. Ideally, the movement took place between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The purpose was to incorporate the aspect of artistry into photography as opposed to the plain capturing of images. The major emphasis targeted the composition, tonality, and the aesthetic beauty of the objects. The concept is associated with Henry Peach Robinson for advocating the compositional devices and the appropriate subject matter in undertaking photography. On the other hand, the movement of pointillism entails the application of small stroke, dabs, or dots based on color on the surface. The dots follow a pattern of colors to establish an image that appears from far as the visual blend of the colors. The movement took place from the 1880s to the 1890s following the impressionist movement. Essentially, pointillism fails to focus on the subject matter rather focuses on the appearance of the paint on the canvas. It relies on the science of optics in the placement of the dots in close proximity that blurs the vision into the development of an image. As such, the images lack the sharp focus and appear blur as though amateurish. For example, the artwork of Paul Signac demonstrates the use of dots of color to establish images. Consequently, some artists engaged in photography through the use of cameras to take real-time photographs of the event as they happened. Such photographers include Dickey Chapelle, who produced many pictures taken of the encounters of the soldiers during the World War. She was a soldier and took the opportunity to take pictures of the endeavors of the soldiers during the wars including the dangers encountered in the course of duty. Such pictures helped to ...
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