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Port and Terminal Development Name Institutional Affiliation Port and Terminal Development Introduction With the increased globalization and internationalization, shipping of goods has been at an all-time high in the recent years. The need for economies of scale is another factor that has contributed to the increased shipping of containers and demand for terminal operation services. Business organizations are involved in export and import business with the objective of expanding their operations to the international level. As a result, there the use of port and terminals has accelerated over the past two decades. Customers look for ports and terminals will handle their containers with utmost quality (Wiegmans, Nijkamp, and Rietveld, 2018). Organizations or customers in most countries especially in Europe have various options regarding container ports, and therefore they can move to other terminals where their shipments are handled with quality. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of port and terminal development. Background The world has experienced an unprecedented level of internationalization and globalization. Business organizations have also experienced significant growth. The primary objective of every business organization is to maximize profitability. One of the surest ways to achieve this fate is reducing cost. Economies of scale come in handy. As such, buying in bulk has been identified as an effective way of reducing costs (Rijsenbrij, 2008). This, together with the growing level of globalization has led to high demand at ports and terminals as the number of container shipments increase. Customers need ports and terminals where their shipments can be handled with utmost care and quality. In this regard, ports aim at offering the best quality services to retain customers which in turn, has led to the need for ports and terminal development to achieve quality services. The Pros of Port and Terminal Development One of the advantages of pro...
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