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Product Promotional MixStudent Name Institutional Affiliation Product Promotional Mix The article included in the analysis is The Secret to Apple’s Marketing Success by Jayson DeMers from the Forbes website written in July 2014. In the preview, the writer highlights the unique methods that Apple Company has used to promote their products. A close analysis shows how the writer reviews advertising styles that have made Apple stand out. The article is relevant for the analysis as the author provides factual information about promotional mix in the business industry (DeMers, 2014). In the article, the writer elaborates on the need to use simplicity in product promotion. The view is that it is an easy method for customers to relate with. Also, the article illustrates Apple’s simplicity theme especially on how the company uses advertisements which are easy to understand in product promotion (DeMers, 2014). For example, in one of their popular ads, Apple successfully conveyed a message of the superiority of a Mac against other PCs. In addition, during the launch of their new iPad in 2010, Apple used an ad that provided instructional information on how to use the product. Additionally, the straightforwardness in the usability of Apple products indicates how the company has managed to maintain its simplicity theme. Through the theme of simplicity, it has been observed that more than 80 percent of the products advertised are likely to be bought. On the other hand, an estimated 115 percent of people are likely to give recommendations after interacting with a simple marketing strategy (DeMers, 2014). For instance, in 2013 Apple used the “misunderstood” ad that was quite simple with a duration of nine seconds. The ad highly appealed to the public in which the company grew in terms of popularity. Consequently, there were increased sales that improved the company’s performance, which initially faced high competition. The push strategy utilized by the company i...
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