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Free Richard and Richmond’s Orations Dissertation Example

Name Instructor Course Date Richard and Richmond’s Orations Effective oratory skills are crucial tools every true leader and military frontrunner must possess. In Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Richard III, the reader is introduced to the two opposing leaders, Richard and Richmond, who possess distinct oratory skills and values. Richard is depicted as a menacing character who is relentless in achieving his despicable schemes. Whilst Richmond who comes in the final act is presented to be more a more honorable and moral leader. The disparity between the two is, however, best represented through their orations to their respective troops before the battle in the fifth act. In their speeches, the basic traits and virtues of each of them are conveyed through the content and delivery of their rhetoric. In his oration Richmond proclaims on the ideas of a worthy cause, of instituting peace, protecting their families and abundant yields in God’s name. Richard oration on the hand is filled with a tone of despair as it involves abusive fallacies and imagery of destroying and harming families and land of the opposition to embolden his troops. Despite the distinct difference in their oration they both possess an intense vocation towards their country and bolster patriotic motivations. However influential treatises from the likes of Machiavelli proclaim a good military leader and oratory style should be able to strip away fear, inspire the mind, promise rewards, increase morale to fight, discern deceptions, and foresee threats and avoid them CITATION RCh p 54 l 1033 (Hassel, Jr 54). Furthermore, should rely on God and a noble cause. Richmond’s speech is more rhetorically effective and inspirational as it accomplishes the main themes of a good oratory style. Richmond’s oration is more effective as he declares his faith in God and a noble cause. In the speech, Richmond states that “God and our good cause fight upon our side” CITATION Sha14 p V.III.292 l 1033 (S...
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