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Saving Capitalism Name of Student Name of Institution Saving Capitalism Whereas idealism seems to come before capitalism because all aspects that arise from capitalism are first conceived as ideas before actualizing and realizing capitalism, capitalism remain the best economic option. Moreover, capitalism comes with many challenges that make it hard to thrive in many societies. For instance, lack of free market makes capitalism distinct in its own ways. Observably, free market is merely a human illusion in capitalist economy, making it hard to gain as well as practice market regulation. With capitalism, the market is under control of different forces that hinders the government to control its operations. Even though capitalism comes with many challenges, studies show that it plays significant roles in the economy (Reinert, & Daastol, 1999). Notably, citizens are the greatest contributors to the economy, be it through production or financial economies. Therefore, calls to save capitalism should be heeded, as citizens are given value more than what they earn because such valuation seems to limit them or constrain their efforts (Alison, 2015). Further, given that production and financial capitalism go hand in hand, it is worth arguing that the plight of citizens should be considered because the productivity of the citizens plays significant roles that influence capitalistic economy. Interdependence of Production and Financial Capitalism Production and financial sectors work hand in hand. In other words, the two operate in a symbiotic relationship where they complement each other. Notably, studies by Reinert and Daastol (1999) show that production capitalism depends on the performance of financial capitalism and vice versa. To such extent, it is observed that innovations in the financial industry are always accompanied by changes in production processes. Indeed, the symbiotic relations between the two implies that once one sector is okay, a similar...
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