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Free Science interview on animal adaptation Dissertation Example

Children's science interview on animal adaptation for fourth grade Name Institution Protocol I contacted an interview to my friend’s daughter in the fourth elementary school. Her name was Janet and she loves all animal-related topics, so I settled on animal adaption, and she liked it so much (Yuille, 1991). Her teacher Mrs. Margret organized for this interview that was done on 1st March. Though the interview was short approximately taking 45 minutes, five questions on the topic were picked and responses recorded. With the help of the created rubric, I could make up and analyze the understanding of the child on animal adaptation. Animal adaptation questions Q.1. Define the following terms: a. Adaptation Response: the ability of the animals to change in behaviors to suit in the new Environment b. Locomotion Response: the ability of the animals to relocate from a place to another with its whole body. c. Prey Response: an organism that is eaten by the other d. Predator Response: an organism that eats the others e. Habitat Response: the environment in which an organism lives Q.2. Give an overview of the animal adaptation. Response: It is normal that living things change to face any challenges that may come with the change in the environment. All animals that fail to change hardly survive and those that change they survive any environment. There are physical and behavioral adaptations. Q.3. How do animals adapt to their environment? Response: different animals respond to their environment differently. Some animals like chameleon change their colors to keep away enemies. Others have fur to survive in cold areas while others can run very fast. Q.4. How do lions find their food? Response: lions can run very fast, so they chase and capture the prey for food. Q.5. How do birds find their shelter? Response: Birds build their nests on trees, mountain and on the bank of the river to live in. Others dig holes in trees. Rubric D...
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