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Hypothesis Literature Review Institution Affiliation Name Snow Depth is positively correlated with the percent of canopy cover Snow depth has significantly been considered as directly influencing the canopy cover. The distribution of snow depth is regarded as a significant factor affecting winter distribution. The canopy cover in most parts of the northern hemisphere has been considered as having a substantial influence on the snow depth. Most research which has been done in the Northern hemisphere has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed there is a clear relationship between the canopy cover and the snow depth (Edwards 1956). According to the research which has been done, the direct relationship between the two is influenced by the environmental factors. The relationship between these two phenomena has received full attention, and many literature materials have been published to explain the same. However, despite different governments understanding the links and the direct impacts canopy cover have on snow depth, it has not in any way showed concern in promoting its existence (Burnnell 1985). Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is not only canopy cover that influences the percentage and extent of snow depth. Researchers have found out other underlying factors that also contribute to snow depth in the Arctic and northern hemisphere regions. Other factors that have been noted include opening shape and topography. In some areas, snow depth is less intense than in flat areas (Burnell 1985). In conclusion, many types of research which have been done to determine the relationship between snow depth and canopy cover have proven that indeed the two correlate. Therefore, the relevant institutions should consider implementing the many recommendations by these researchers to curb the spread of the snow cover in the snow areas. American Beech will have a higher proportion of browsed twigs than Balsam Fir stands American Beech is a tight tree with smo...
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