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Marketing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Marketing Introduction The contemporary world remains highly dynamic, and marketing departments are expected to understand the needs as well as trends in their target market to be able to provide products and services that will fully satisfy customers. Recognizing the trend in the market makes it possible for the marketers and organization as a whole to predict the future, which is essential in formulating strategic direction (Kotler & Keller, 2014). For instance, there has been a continued increase social media that has been facilitated by the advancement of technology. Social media, as well as the general use of the internet for communication, has become a highly marketable tool in the contemporary marketing industry. For instance, nearly every organization, both small and large, are currently using digital marketing strategy through social media platform. Cheboni Company and Social Media Marketing A company such as Chobani, which is a Greek yogurt producer, has become trendy brand due to its active cultures. The companies have learned the art of having effective marketing and social media strategy, and out of such, it has been able to rise to its top industry (Greengard, 2012). An active culture in the social media platform makes a brand a social component as it becomes part of the social interaction in the social media. The company has benefited through its creative handling of social media and by ensuring a highly interactive social media. For instance, the company has five monitors who are responsible for responding to every single inquiry from the client. Marketing is essential as it helps the organization to inform and educate the target market about the products being sold and how they best fulfill their needs (Greengard, 2012). However, the traditional marketing techniques that were less interactive, which makes it less attractive in the contemporary world where consumers are more involved in ...
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