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Free Strategy Formulation Dissertation Example

Strategy Formulation Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Strategy Formulation The major mission of the US army as an organization is to fight and be victorious in the Nation’s wars. This is ensured through the provision of quick and sustained land dominance in all spheres of the military operations. The US army is one of the military departments. Other departments are the Navy and Air Force. All these departments report to the Department of Defense. The army is composed of the active and reserve components which they both play important and distinct roles. The Army National Guard and the United States Army Reserve forms the reserve component of the army. All the components of the US army are tasked with institutional and operational duties or missions. The operational army is divided into different units which though independent, systematically assist other units. These units include battalions, corps, brigades, and divisions among others. The institutional army provides the necessary assistance to the operational army. The institutional organization or army is charged with the responsibility of providing the required infrastructural support that is vital in training, equipping and deploying of Army forces. Army training unit or base is tasked with the provision of military skills and the necessary professional requirements of all the soldiers and their strategic partners or the members of sister services. During wartime, the training base enables quick expansion of the army. World class equipment together with logistics are provided by the Army’s industrial base Army installations play an important role in providing power projections platform that is critical in the deployment of land forces quickly with the intent of providing adequate support to combatant commanders. The institutional army is charged with the responsibility of providing the necessary logistical support once the soldiers have been deployed. This underscores the importa...
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