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Memo Writing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Memo Writing To: The company’s vice president, Chik Fil-A Company From: Ncube Dunn, student pursuing business Date: March 10, 2018` Subject: FEATURES AND STRUCTURE OF OGANIZATIOAL WEBSITE. Greetings! I am writing this to express my interest in a job in your organization. I confirm that I have visited your website and learned many crucial issues about you. Your website is well organized, and this makes it easy to understand the different parts of the website’s dashboard. You have managed to develop the system and employ it systematically. Additionally, your website consists of many options, and its design is not only attractive but also. It is used as the primary source of communication that Chik Fil-A uses. For the case of social media, I would like to recommend you on how you have employed social media in your business. As a hotel industry, you have managed to gain much for Chik Fil-A. You have strategically managed to employ social media in your marketing operations. The tool has been used to create word of mouth which in turn has significantly influenced productivity and profitability. This is one of the key ways in which the organization communicate with its consumers. I have also managed to examine your customer service. The service is made possible by the fact that Chik Fil-A encourages motivation among g employees. You have shown that the organizational culture that prevails in the organization is due to various key aspects such as positive interaction and goal setting. On the same note, due to positive organizational culture, it is inarguable that the high quality of customer has conceived other benefits such customer retention. Additionally, your staff seems to be made up of compe...
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