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Name Professor Course Date The Eclipse From the eclipse by Monterroso, we can conclude that developed countries think they are more advanced and intelligent yet the uncivilized can be more intelligent than them. Failure to deceive the natives Arrazola represents the people from developed countries while the natives of Guatemalan are uncivilized. The natives captured Arrazola and scheduled him for sacrifice. Before being sacrificed, Arrazola tried to reason with the natives against killing him. He tried to convince them on the negative impacts of killing him; he told them his death would darken the sun. Monterroso has used imagery to create a scaring description of the darkening sun which that would mark the impending eclipse. Arrazola had a wide knowledge of the astrological event and that made him think he could use this knowledge to save himself. He had been taught Aristotle’s teachings which the natives knew nothing about; he, therefore, felt more advanced than the natives who lived in the jungle. Arrazola told the natives, “If you kill me, I can darken the sun in its heights.” (Augusto 1). He thought he could out-smart them using his claims of being able to control the sun. The natives spent some time listening to Arrazola before they decided to sacrifice him. In the end, nothing Arrazola said made sense to them. They were not moved by Arrazola’s knowledge of the eclipse. The natives were intelligent enough to understand that no man could control the sun and what Arrazola talked about was a mere natural occurrence. The natives had complete knowledge the of the eclipse They had their own astronomers who had foreseen and educated them concerning the eclipses without the help of Aristotle. One of the natives slowly narrated the dates of the solar and lunar eclipses one by one. Arrazola’s knowledge was invaluable to them; they were also aware of the approaching eclipse that Arrazola talked about. After two hours, Arrazola’s blood spilled o...
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