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Free The Effects of the Internet on Privacy and Publicness Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Effects of the Internet on Privacy and Publicness Jeff Jarvis says that technology has made most people panic about their privacy. His primary concern is no longer about the privacy that one might enjoy but publicness. Jeff is afraid that if the government continues to restrict the use of technology to protect privacy, a lot of information may not reach the people. He is advocating for technology as a way that would make life easier. Citing an example where Germany's privacy chief proclaimed a restriction on the use of geocoding and facial recognition even before its implementation. Jeff says “…Germany's privacy chief also decreed that combining geocoding with facial recognition shall be "taboo"…” (Jarvis). Jeff claims that geocoding combined with facial expression would be of great help to the society. He says that such kind of technology can be of importance in finding missing people and deal with terrorists. Jeff says that the number of people using social media is a proof that it is acceptable, this is seen when he says “…Half a billion people can't be wrong...” (Jarvis). On the other hand, Andrew Keen sees social media as something that has invaded people privacy. When Keen says that “…today's "age of network intelligence" represents a "turning point in history" equivalent to the Renaissance…” (Keen). He sees the internet era as a revolution that can be compared to the renaissance period, and soon, privacy will be a thing of the past. Keen draws our attention to the past life, where privacy was something sacred, by reminding as of a drawing of 1663, where the artist drew a woman reading a letter which its content we are not aware. Keen says that the social media has made people to show excessive interest in themselves and to share even the things that are supposed to be part of their private life. Jeff Jarvis believes that people are sharing on the social media since it is bene...
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