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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Journal Review and Critique Theodore G. Petersen’s article “To Binge or Not to Binge: A Qualitative Analysis of College Student’s Binge Watching Habits,” seeks to understand the underlying factors that lead to binge-watching among college students. Theodore begins by giving the reader a background on the coining of the words “binge watching.” From the standpoint, Petersen quotes various articles that have been influential in shedding light on the aspects of binge watching. However, the report is an analysis that is based on a study conducted among college students. The purpose of the study is to determine the preferences and the general purpose of the subjects’ binge-watching habits. Petersen begins by stating that binge-watching is preferably a “relative novel concept” that has insufficient literature. According to Petersen, binge-watching has been increased by the popularization of online streaming services such as Netflix. Throughout the article, Petersen questions the “modern nuances” that make college students susceptible to binge watching. In light of this, Petersen conducts a study that intends to collect views from college students. The research involves both male and female participants. However, the number of the male is not equal to female participants, with four and nine respectively. For a survey, this is a small number. The research involved each of the binge-watchers being interviewed six times. Ideally, six interviews would have been lengthy and time-consuming. The researchers could have used questionnaires that are easy to fill. On the other hand, the face to face interview may sometimes be exhausting while some of the participants may not fully understand why they are being subjected to such questions. The research team method of approach is catchy as they started by asking the participants to define binge watching. Such an approach enabled the participant to give a c...
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