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Free US Army Environmental Scan Dissertation Example

US Army Environmental Scan Name Institution Professor Course Date The United States Army is the largest branch of the US military with over a million soldiers. It includes the Regular Army, the National Guard, and the Army Reserve. The army is headed by the Secretary of the Army who is an appointed civilian and the Chief of Staff of the Army who is a military officer. It is the main ground-based force of the United States and participates in military activities all around the globe. Environmental Evaluation Internal Environment One the best way to conduct an evaluation of internal environment of the US army is by using a SWOT analysis. Strengths. One of the strengths of the US army is that it is highly innovative. The army constantly learns from its mistakes and takes action to correct them (Jones, 2011). This culture of innovation is weaved into the daily lives of all army personnel. The army has the full-time personnel and part-time reserves working together. The enables the part-timers to bring in civilian skills which may not be available to the full-time personnel. The army has high deployment capability and has a reputation for conducting efficient ground warfare. The army is well funded with the US having one of the largest military budgets in the world. Weaknesses. The army has an aging workforce that needs constant replenishing. The ever-changing security situation globally has placed additional burdens on the army personnel. This requires that the army keeps updating the training of its personnel (Jones, 2011). However, the army does not have enough facilities to support the rapidly transforming force. Opportunities. There are several opportunities that the US army can utilize to improve its efficiency. The army can collaborate more with other agencies to make itself more efficient. It can capitalize on the transformation initiatives going on within the military to improve service delivery (Offstein & Dufresne, 2007). Technological advanc...
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