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Free Written and Non-Verbal Commiunication Dissertation Example

CONGRATULATORY LETTER Name Institution Instructor Date National Cotton Council of America 7193 Goodlett Farms Parkway Cordova, TN 38016 06 August 2017 Sally Somebody 123 Elm Street Orlando, 32805 Dear MS Somebody I write this note to congratulate you on your participation in the Nossy Nancy Rossy contest. I would further wish to inform you that you won by attaining position two during the contest (Dibble, 2010). You will receive your prize of 250 dollars gift certificate at any Gap store in three to four weeks’ time. I also wish to convey my gratitude on behalf of Nosy Nancy Detectives series for being great partners in the contest. Your success for sure was due to the efforts of the publisher who organized the academic work. We owe Nossy Nassy a lot due to the partnership. We thank you for your participation and win which proved you are a hero. You can reach us using the address above in case of clarification. Hope to see you later when we hold such an event. Thank you. Yours sincerely, National Cotton Council of America. Reference. Dibble, J. L., & Levine, T. R. (2010). Breaking good and bad news: Direction of the MUM effect andsenders’ cognitive representations of news valence. Communication Research, 37(5), 703-722 ...
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