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The four Dimensions of Behavior Name Institutional Affiliation The four Dimensions of Behavior Adopted from Chatterton & Wilson (2014) The first dimension when looking at individuals With Emotional or Behavioral Disorders is the actor. The focus in this level is to understand the person or the things that are enacting the behavior. The levels can vary from individual, interpersonal, community, segment group or population. The various actors might be the reason that the person is acting in a particular way. The other significant level is the domain. The focus, in this case, is on what shapes or influence the behavior. The factors that might change behavior might be psychological, bodily, technological institution or infrastructural. One might pick a behavior as a result of the interactions that they have with the environment (Chatterton & Wilson, 2014). There can also be the aspect of durability. In this case, the focus is often on how long the behavior relates to time. The behavior could be one-of, repeated, dependent enduring, or even non-setting. Understanding the level of durability of behavior would help to find out ways to solve the problem (Chatterton & Wilson, 2014). Then lastly there is the aspect of scope. The primary focus in this level is to find out how the specific behavior relates to the other action. One would seek to know if the act is discrete, inter-related bundled, structuring or pervasive (Chatterton & Wilson, 2014). From the four dimension of behavior, it is possible to understand the individual's emotional disorder. The aspects provide essential information that could be necessary for determining the required interventions to change the behavior. Some factors might easily be influenced such as the environment while the personal elements might be hard to chance. However, it is essential to understand the various dimensions and the level of impact they have on the person. References Chatterton, T., & ...
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