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Free The Ins and Outs of Pain Dissertation Example

M5 Discussion: The Ins and Outs of Pain Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part A The discussion correctly attributes pain to the body’s response to physical stimuli as a way of alerting the brain of an injury. This reveals that the primary purpose of pain is to warn the brain of an injury thereby enabling the execution of the appropriate response to alleviate the pain as observed by Durgante (2017). Pain also serves as a reminder to prevent the body from experiencing similar pain in the future. New theories also present psychological factors that contribute to the pain that people feel. For instance, the individual perspective or subjectivity of pain, as well as situational and cultural factors, also affect the pain felt by individuals. In illustrating the contribution of cultural and individual perspectives towards pain, women whose cultures regard delivery as a painful experience tend to experience more pain than women that regard child delivery as a normal experience. The limbic system is responsible for modulating the amount or level of pain experienced by an individual for a particular noxious stimulus (Hansen & Streltzer, 2005). This coincides with the discussion’s finding that pain receptors located on the skin surface transmit the stimuli to the nervous system for interpretation as pain. According to Hansen and Streltzer (2005), the ventral prefrontal cortex (on the right side of the brain) and the anterior cingulate gyrus play a crucial role in the emotional response to pain. Social rejection also activates the two centres. Norepinephrine and serotonin circuits also take part in modulating the sensory stimuli thereby affecting the effect of antidepressant medications on the perception of pain. A good example is the use of frontal lobectomy in preventing cancer patients from experiencing pain. Part B Pain management involves the selection of the analgesic treatment that depends on two primary factors: the intensity and cause of pa...
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