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What Makes a Good Marriage? Name Institutional affiliation What Makes a Good Marriage? Marriage is expected to be a long-term, open to the public and powerful bond between two people, who decided to live together from now on up until their lives end. However, nowadays the concept of marrying is crooked and unstable. Due to always changing family values and inconstant mindset of people, who might want to jump into marriage without thinking about the consequences, the rate of divorce has grown significantly (Misra 2017). That is why the issue of identification of main standards and qualities for a successful marriage is vital. Nowadays, the woman’s place in the society, workplace, and family has changed significantly (Irish Bishops 1986). However, the old-fashioned idea of marriage is still widespread all over the world — the man must be dominant and decides everything, and the woman timidly agrees with everything he says. From my point of view, to create a successful marriage, two parties must be equal in making decisions and their personal opinion, trying to find a compromise without fights and loud words. Neither female nor male must be overprotective and way too dominant in marriage because the power shifting problem in families is a real menace to long and peaceful relationships (Selle 2001). By power I mean, of course, the right to decide and have the power of leader in the family. When this power shifts, most likely that on this base will bear strong conflicts between the husband and the wife, leading to pessimistic conclusions such as divorce or even crime. To prevent negative outcomes in a family, couples break through their problems side by side, making their bond stronger and love more passionate. All in all, love is not a game, when it comes to marrying, giving birth to children, building own houses and co-existing the rest of ones’ lives. Thus, prior getting married, people should choose wisely their beloved ones, learn to respect and find ...
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